Brass floor standing mirror / Iron round low table + stool


January, 2022

KYKds Products. “inside inside” Series

The products for the “inside inside” series have been designed and produced to bring sensuous pleasure to our daily life.

The state of our body and mind changes every day but we live in the same space to rest, play and work.

The products “inside inside” series will bring joy in everyday space and also provide something to look forward to as they will look different over time due to the specific materials used.



KYKds Products「内のうちがわ」シリーズ






Brass floor standing mirror

Material: Brass + mirror
Contents: Full-length mirror
Dimensions: W1700 x H600mm
Finish: Non-coating
Country of manufacture: Japan
Price: ¥150,000 / Tax¥ 165,000


素材: 真鍮 + 鏡
内容物: 姿見
寸法: W1700 x H600mm
仕上: 無塗装
製作: 日本
価格: ¥150,000 / Tax¥ 165,000



Iron round low table + stool

Material: Mill-scale iron + glass
Dimensions: ⌀320mm x H400mm
Finish: clear coating
Country of manufacture: Japan
Price: ¥72,500 / Tax ¥79,750


素材: 黒皮鉄 + ガラス
寸法: ⌀320mm x H400mm
仕上: 無塗装
製作: 日本
価格: ¥72,500 / Tax ¥79,750



Photo: Kiyotoshi Takashima


撮影: 高嶋 清俊

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