Low table bench

January, 2022

KYKds Products. Series

The product line, “ KYKds Products.”, is designed by “Kräfte YUKIO KIMURA design studio”.

The “ KYKds Products.” series were designed and produced to bring sensational joy.

Although our existence and state of mind keep changing daily, the space where we rest, play and work remains the same.

It would be a joy to display products in daily space and observe the change over time by using them regularly.

Low table bench

Material: Mill-scale iron + rust iron + glass
Dimensions: W1500 x D400 x H655 x SH400mm x Φ500(glass top plate) x H600mm(glass top plate)
Weight: Approx. 60 kg
Finish: clear coating
Country of manufacture: Japan
Price: ¥458,000 / Tax ¥503,800


Photo: Kiyotoshi Takashima




KYKds Products. Series

木村幸紀男が主宰する「クレフテ キムラ ユキオ デザインスタジオ」によるプロダクトライン「KYKds Products.」。

「KYKds Products.」シリーズは感覚的な喜びをもたらすためにデザイン、作製されました。



Low table bench

素材: 黒皮鉄 + 錆鉄 + ガラス
寸法: W1500 x D400 x H655 x SH400mm x Φ500(ガラス天板) x H600mm(ガラス天板)
重量: 約60kg
仕上: 無塗装
製作: 日本
価格: ¥458,000 / Tax ¥503,800


撮影: 高嶋 清俊

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