Solar Eclipse Oil Burner

January, 2022

KYKds Products. “inside inside” Series

The products for the “inside inside” series have been designed and produced to bring sensuous pleasure to our daily life.

The state of our body and mind changes every day but we live in the same space to rest, play and work.

The products “inside inside” series will bring joy in everyday space and also provide something to look forward to as they will look different over time due to the specific materials used.

We also produced pure essential oils to use with the products, which will help to change and heal our mind as well as boost energy.


Solar Eclipse Oil Burner

This essential oil burner will remind you of a solar eclipse when the light reflects from the edge of the circle. Enjoy watching the fluctuation of the heated oil and the smell of the scent.

Material: Brass
Contents: Brass small plate, Brass main product
Dimensions: ⌀80mm x H70mm
Volume: 30-35 ml
Weight: Approx. 1.2 kg
Finish: non-coating
Country of manufacture: Japan

Details & Care:
Solar Eclipse Oil Burner is made of 100% pure brass. The product will gradually be turned to a subdued colour when the surface is oxidised and will finally become coated with verdigris. It is intentional to enjoy the change over time so no coating was applied for this reason. If you don’t want this to happen, we recommend you to use a commercially available brass polishing cloth. Please note due to the nature of the handcrafted product, you may experience some natural effects on the product (minor imperfection, thin lines, etc.).


Photo: Yukio Kimura from Kräfte YUKIO KIMURA design studio




KYKds Products.「内のうちがわ」シリーズ






Solar Eclipse Oil Burner


素材: 真鍮
内容物: 真鍮製蓋小皿、真鍮製本体
寸法: Φ80 x H70mm
液体容: 30~35ml
重量: 約1.2kg
仕上: 無塗装
製作: 日本

Solar Eclipse Oil Burnerは100%真鍮製の特性をとして、


撮影: クレフテ キムラ ユキオ デザインスタジオ 木村幸紀男



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