Iron – Palo Santo Holder

January, 2022

KYKds Products. Series

The product line, “ KYKds Products.”, is designed by “Kräfte YUKIO KIMURA design studio”.

The “ KYKds Products.” series were designed and produced to bring sensational joy.

Although our existence and state of mind keep changing daily, the space where we rest, play and work remains the same.

It would be a joy to display products in daily space and observe the change over time by using them regularly.

Iron – Palo Santo Holder

Material: Mill-scale iron
Contents: Iron Palo Santo Holder
Dimensions: a holder W150 (overall product – W170) x D80 (D100) x H30mm (H70mm)
Weight: Approx. 400g
Finish: clear coating
Country of manufacture: Japa

Details & Care:
Iron – Palo Santo Holder is finished with a clear coating on the mill-scale iron. As a nature of the iron, it will get rusty over time. It is intentional to enjoy the change. Please note due to the nature of the handcrafted product, you may experience some natural effects on the product (minor imperfection, thin lines, etc.).
How to use:
This product can be used not only for Palo Santo sticks but also Palo Santo corn type incenses, white sage and other types of incenses. There is hole in the middle of the product (⌀2.8mm), which will work with any type of commercially available incense sticks. Depending on the length of incenses, you can light both sides at the same time. Please be mindful of  the length of incenses to use to avoid ash overflowing from the product.


Lounge Sai Online


Photo: Yukio Kimura from Kräfte YUKIO KIMURA design studio




KYKds Products. Series

木村幸紀男が主宰する「クレフテ キムラ ユキオ デザインスタジオ」によるプロダクトライン「KYKds Products.」。

「KYKds Products.」シリーズは感覚的な喜びをもたらすためにデザイン、作製されました。



Iron – Palo Santo Holder

素材 :黒皮鉄
内容物: 鉄製パロサントホルダー
寸法: ホルダー部分 W150 (本体全体 W170) x D80 (D100) x H30mm (H70mm)
重量: 約400g
仕上: クリアー塗装
製作: 日本

Iron – Palo Santo Holderは黒皮鉄素地にクリアー塗装をおこない仕上げています。



Lounge Sai Online


撮影: クレフテ キムラ ユキオ デザインスタジオ 木村幸紀男



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